1. Log into your library's NRE/Navigator account at https://texas.vdxhost.com/nre/

2. Select "Locations" from left hand menu

3. Select "Edit Own" from top of screen

4. Scroll down to "Local Holidays" and click on "New Holiday" on the far right-hand side of screen

5. Enter a description (ex: "Library Closure"), start date, end date, and closure type: "Suspended-No Requesting"

6. Click "Save & Close"

Bulletin Board:

To ask a question or report an issue, please log in and use Report a Problem

URL for Texas Group Catalog

Some users have been putting 'www' at the front of the URL to get to the Texas Group Catalog. This currently is not working. The correct URL is https://texasgroup.worldcat.org. If you need to rebuild your search box for you library's web site to correct this you can do this here.

NRE Training

You can find Navigator training here.

Browser Autocomplete

Browsers have changed how they do autocomplete, so if you have this enabled with NRE you will get "Error with client barcode: No user details available" when submitting requests.

We recommend disabling this on your browser if you start getting this error (at least for the NRE web site).

The links below will take you to the help for each supported browser. At this time NRE does not support the Edge browser.



Internet Explorer

NRE does not support multiple windows/tabs within a browser. If you have to have another window open you will need to use another browser